Independent Funeral Directors

At Gateway Funeral Services, we have arranged and conducted many Polish funerals and we work with a Polish national who works as a translator who can help you with all your needs, documents, arrangements and other requirements you would need for the funeral.

 Witamy Panstwa serdecznie. Pragniemy zaoferowac mozliwosc pomocy osoby mowiacej po polsku, ktora pomoze Panstwu we wszystkich sprawach, dokumentach i innych wymaganych prawem procedurach, ktore sa potrzebne w przypadku pozegnania ukochanej Panstwu osoby.

Leszek Plaza, telefon bezposredni 07720248404

At Gateway Funeral Services, we cater for all religions and cultures and have a vast range of experience in catering for Polish funerals. Please speak to us if you would like more information about our Polish funeral service.