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At Gateway Funeral Services we understand how important and environmentally friendly funeral service is. A Woodland or Natural burial offers you or the person who has died, the chance to have a final resting place, where peace and tranquillity go hand in hand, with the continuous changing colours of the seasons.

Green funerals have grown in popularity, over the last few years, with the first green burial site opening in Carlisle in 1993. To date there are now more than 200 such sites across the United Kingdom.

Biodegradable coffins are generally used (bamboo, willow, seagrass, hyacinth or pineapple leaf coffins). It is also recommended that no embalming is carried out. At most woodland burial grounds, a tree is planted on the grave, alternatively, some Natural Burial Sites offer a flat memorial engraved stone to identify the grave.

There are a number of sites locally where people can be laid to rest-

Tarn Moor Woodland Burial Site

Located on the outskirts of Skipton, this natural burial ground is on the threshold of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and opened in November 2002. In an endeavour to keep the habitat as natural as possible there is no physical identification at the site of burial, but accurate plotting and recording is undertaken to ensure current and future generations can locate their loved ones.

Rose Hill Natural Burial Ground

This Huddersfield site houses mature oaks, beech and ash trees and is set within traditional English parkland, unchanged for five centuries. The grounds attract people of all religions and also those having no religion at all. Most of the graves have Cumbrian green slate plaques as identification for relatives and friends.

Lawnswood Cemetery

A Woodland burial site is available within the grounds of Lawnswood cemetery.

At Gateway Funeral Services, we cater for allĀ Funeral Services and have a vast range of experience in catering for environmentally friendly funerals. Please speak to us if you would like more information about our environmentally friendly funeral service.