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Funeral & Burial FAQs

The Funeral Director looking after the arrangements for you, will aim to let you know the funeral details as soon as possible. Once a date and time has been secured at the cemetery or crematorium and we have confirmed that this time is convenient with the minister, we will telephone you to let you know. We will follow this up with a letter of confirmation.
The Funeral Director can arrange to put a death notice in the local paper for you, or if you prefer, this is something that can be arranged by the family.
You can arrange your flowers with your own florist who will then deliver them to our funeral home. Alternatively, our own very experienced florist will be able to assist and will guide you with your requirements.
Each limousine can accommodate seven people. Six people in the back, and one person in the front with the driver.
If you have decided that you would like to come to the chapel to pay your last respects, we will arrange with you a convenient date and time for this to take place.
There are very many different choices regarding music. These days anything is played from classical to rock and pop. You will be able to choose two to three pieces of music – for example a favourite hymn or piece of music that the deceased liked.
We can arrange to have an order of service professionally printed for you. Once you have decided where the funeral service will take place and the hymns, music and readings you require, we will arrange for a preview of the Order of Service to be brought for you to check, before they go to final print.
Each cremation is carried out individually as there is only room in the cremator for one coffin at a time. The identification of the deceased is checked by the crematorium staff before the coffin is placed in the cremator.
The cremated remains will be returned to the Funeral Director’s premises within a day or two of the cremation taking place. The cremated remains can be held at the Chapel of Rest for a period of time, or they can be returned straight to you.
The cremated remains can be placed in the garden of remembrance at the crematorium, or they can be taken home and scattered in a special place. Alternatively, you may decide to bury them in a cremated remains plot, or in a family grave. There are many new ideas for Cremated remains. These include turning ashes into diamonds, using a small amount in a pendant or ring, or incorporating the ashes into a firework.

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