Rowland Ambrose Jukes

Rowland Ambrose Jukes

On 9th March 2014 peacefully at Bradford Royal Infirmary Rowland aged 82 years of Shipley. Beloved husband of Elizabeth, much loved dad of Debbie and Lesley, a devoted grandad to Stacey, Kayleigh, Jack, Michael and Nicky.

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Dear Granddad, I miss you so much. I think about how quickly you left us and it breaks my heart to think of you hurting and upset. But when I start to feel sad I think about all the times we shared and how much we used to laugh, the cheeky glint in your eye when you told a joke that was naughty or the way you danced around the living room to led zeppelin. I also think about all of the passions you had in your life, your love and devotion to your family and I think of your face lighting up when I showed you pictures of your grandson. I remember watching you sitting in your chair and letting your favorite music wash over you and seeing the joy it bought to you at any given moment. When you spoke to me about all of the different records and how each one meant something different to you and how you knew all of the words and the emotions that the singers were feeling. I remember when we used to write letters to each other when I was little, and how we would sit at the dining table and eat spaghetti with napkins around our collars before going into the garage to work on your car. How you taught me to clean out the fish, clean the hifi in the attic and we would watch cartoons together while Stacey and nana made us buns! When you moved into the flat and I came to stay with you and we would walk to Asda and go to the park and you would sleep on the sofa so that I could have the big bed. When we woke up in the morning and I watched you shave and then you would shave my ‘beard' because I wanted to be just like you. Whenever I miss you I just think about these things. Whenever I smell rich leather I think of you. Whenever I hear opera you enter my mind. And this has always been the case, even whilst you were with us and it will continue to be now you are gone. I love you so much.


I think your granddaughter has said it all. I miss you so much my heart aches with the pain but then I remember the goods times we had and I smile. I look at your photo everyday and you are never be far from my mind. I love and miss you dearly - fathers day - I will come with Jack to sit awhile Lots of love Debbie xxx

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