Valerie Olwen Ellis

Valerie Olwen Ellis

Valerie Ellis of Odsal passed away peacefully on May 9, in Hartshead Manor Care Home, aged 83 years. Loving wife of the late Bryan, much loved mum of Stephanie and Jonathan, much loved mother-in-law of Vangelis and Lesley, much loved Grandma of Caitlin, Freya and Harvey and a dear friend to many, will be sorely missed by all who knew her. Due to the current circumstances a private cremation service will be held for close family at Park Wood Crematorium. A celebration of life will be held at a later date to be advised

50 memories for Valerie Olwen Ellis

Tricia and Steve Tillotson

Fond memories of Val You were our first neighbour when we bought our first home and we remember so many good times. We had a fair few parties between us, especially on your 25th Wedding Anniversary when we polished off a few bottles of brandy and none of us were fit to work the next day ! You also told us off for not planning and having a baby in February as it was the best time to align with the school academic year! You will always be remembered ❤❤❤

Stephanie Allsopp

So sorry to hear about the passing of your mum much love to you all she was a lovely lady xx

Gemma O’Brien

So sorry to hear your sad news, she always looked such a lovely lady in all your photos, lots of love to you all x

Deirdre Donovan

Oh Steph - so sorry to hear this. Loved seeing your catch ups with your Mum in person and virtually. Take care and thinking of you. Deirdre x

Mark Coup

Take care and be proud. There should be more mums like yours....the world was a much better place for her being there.

Christine Clayton

Ho no love so sorry for your loss love to all your family we had a lot of good memories love take care xx bless u all love xx

Nadia Daw

Oh Steph, my heart breaks for you and your family

Sue Scott

We are very sorry to hear this sad news about Val. We have some great memories of your mum. Sending love and thoughts to all your family xxx

Allison Hallas

I'm so sorry to hear this sad news such a lovely lady RIP

Cathy Slater

Lots of love Steph. I have fond memories of your mum xxx

Gye Nyame

Awwww Steph... this is such sad sad news... I'm so very for your family's loss...My memories of your mum will always be special... My first day at nursery she told me that Val's are special...and Mrs Ellis...was certainly special... God Bless...❤

Jo Clarke

A beautiful lady who will be sadly missed by her equally beautiful family xx A memory that always comes to mind is when you and your beloved Brian had and evening with my sis and Steve where lots of brandy was consumed so much that Brian went to work the following day and forgot to put his teeth in x me and sis still laugh about it xxx rest in peace Val xxxxx

Gary Roberts

So sorry for your loss. What a wonderful lady she was.

Michelle Woolford

So sorry to hear of your loss I understand how your feeling, but you have to think of the love and joy she brought and made you feel. You are the person today because of her a very special lady xx

Jonny Ellis (have you got!)

I couldn't believe the news when Mum was taken away from us although you kind of try and prepare for what could happen once you get a phone call that you need to prepare for the worst. Not being able to spend the last 2 months with you will stay with me for the rest of my life and the only level of comfort that I have is knowing that someone who cared was at your side when you passed away. Our Dad always said to me before he passed all those years ago, “there is only one thing that I ask of you son and that is to look after Mum when I've gone”. Looking back over those years Steph, Lesley, Ev and I did just that. There always seemed to be a return favour in that most times I said to Mum, “have you got this or have you got that” which she pointed out to me on many occasions. We were lucky as children to set off on life's journey with such a solid foundation, Mum & Dad being hard working loving parents, we have always been close as a family, great neighbours from Larch Drive where we grew up as kids, also the extended friends and family that we have got to know over the many years. We have had plenty of fun times and memories to last a lifetime of Mum & Dad and then when Dad was taken away from us we grew to live with the fact that we couldn't change this and always looked to make the best in everything that we did with Mum. Things changed when our kids arrived on the scene since Mum was so proud to be a Grandma Val to all three of them. She would do everything with them, looking after them, doing art & crafts, cooking for them, she always had a snack cupboard and chimes on the fridge so she would know when the kids were sneaking into the fridge for some chocolate or biscuits. We have had plenty of fun holidays to Skegness with Dennis & Brenda and I even remember going on a caravan holiday with Mum, Dad and Steph which didn't work out since the condition of it was a little below standard so Mum & Dad gave us the option to sacrifice the holiday and go home and spend the equivalent money on a music centre, wow let's do that we said, stereo speakers and so we started to blast the tunes. Mum knew plenty of people in the Odsal, Wyke and Low Moor areas since her work at Wyke Nursery and then Hill Top School got her involved with plenty of local families that we have continued to see over the years. We couldn't ask for a better Mum who was always there for us, a good sounding board for ideas, she was a problem solver which is where I must have got that trait from. We will love and miss you every day, we will always look back on the happy memories that we created and shared with you and hoping that you are now at peace with Dad. Until we meet again, love you forever Jonny xxx

Andrew Taylor

It must be extremely hard Jon Ellis in such difficult circumstances. If she was anything like you then somebody somewhere is gaining an angel. xx

Wendy Pilkington

Love & Hugs to You All. So Sorry to hear your Sad News. Your Lovely Mum is at Peace now & with Your Dad once more

Judy Docherty

Sending my love Steph and rest of the family, Val was an amazing lady and some fond memories xx

Jillean Gregory

So sorry for your loss steph your mum was such a lovely lady and will be missed by so many sending hugs my love xx

Jules Newbould

Dear dear Steph and family, I am so sorry for your loss. I am in tears. What a wonderful lady. All my love Jules xxx

Barbara Wainwright

So sorry Steph your Mum was a lovely lady xx

Phil Marrion

To Steph Satrazanidis, Jon Ellis and all your wonderful family my deepest sympathy and condolences for your loss. Heaven has gained an angel of the highest order xx❤️

Barbara Holdsworth

So sorry to hear this news, happy memories of a lovely lady, love to you all at this sad time. Barbara & Mike.

Louise Butterworth

I'm so sorry to hear this

Farrah Harper

So sorry for you loss Steph Satrazanidis what a gorgeous lady!!! Rest in peace Val ❤️❤️ xxx

Pamela Poyser

Aww Steph Satrazanidis so sorry ... I have been watching your recents chats with your Mum at these strange times and loving them .... she was a lovely lady and such a close bond with you and all of your family .... take care all of you ... sending love ❤️xxx

Janet Laville

Heaven has received a beautiful tulip that will flower forever, Val you made me smile everyday. Say hello to rosebud, love to you always and your special family xxx

Denise Lowe

Val always gave me her beautiful smile whenever I saw her. Whatever the time of day. Bless you Val and all your family. XXXXXXX

Christine Brett

My memory of her was she was a lady.. and a very kind one, and was always good to us kids

Paul Cartwright

Best thing about Val was her smile and she always had time for us all. Nothing was too much for her regarding all us kids on the street

Joe Cawood

My memory of Val is I never saw her without a smile always happy


Oh we have had so many moments over the years, Val. You guided me right through motherhood with advice and support, especially when the kids were young. You always knew what to do. I remember that time I dashed into your house with Caitlin at 18 months sporting a lump on her head the size of an egg after a fall. I was hysterical. You told me to make a cup of tea and you proceeded to bandage up her head. I'm sure you just did it to make me feel better and it did! We had many adventures with the kids, day trips, lots of holidays, cafe lunches, cinema, trips to IKEA. I always valued your honest advice when shopping for clothes. You had an eye for things that would suit me that I would never have considered. So many times you'd pick something out and it'd be perfect. We also had lots of laughs didn't we. Your sense of humour cracked me up and you never lost it, even as dementia took hold. That time at the panto a few years ago when a Prince Charming came out and you said “DingDong!” a little too loud and everyone looked around.

Caitlin Ellis

You have always been so much more than my grandma, you were my best friend and I went to you no matter what. You were my go to person. One of my stand out memories with you is when I was performing at Brad Factor and the one person I wanted by my side was you. We spent the whole day just you and me back stage and without your presence, support and guidance I'm not sure I would have got on that stage with the confidence I had. When your memory worsened and you were living next door there was one day I came over and I just wanted to spend time with you. I made us beans on toast and we watched loads of films and cosied up and chatted. It was so simple yet so heart warming. Every single day I miss you, every day I remember our many memories together. I am so lucky to have you as a grandma and even though you have gone, you will always be my grandma and my best friend. I love you more than I could ever put into words and I am going to spend every single day trying to make you proud. I wish with all my heart you could be at my graduation or be there when I eventually get engaged, married and have children. I know things can't last forever but my love for you is eternal. Lots of love from Cake tin xxx

Tracy Feather (Clayton)

I've known your mum Val since the day I was born. I was very privileged to be born into the Larch Drive family. So many happy memories I wouldn't know where to start. Val and and your dad Bryan too played a massive part in my growing up years from parties in the street, playing out with Steph & Jon to nights out at Low Moor club. We moved away when I was 10, but many many years later when I had kids of my own, our paths crossed again, my youngest daughter Emma was in Caitlins class at school and i used to have a good natter with Val in the playground about the old days she also talked alot about her grandchildren she was very proud of them. I have some very good and happy memories of Val and all the Ellis family. I feel honoured to have known your mum Val in my growing up years. Thinking of you all ❤

Tricia & Geoff Cowler

We always used to talk about holidaying at the Ses Estaques Hotel at Santa Eulalia, your Mum and Dad loved it there as did we. Thinking of you all ♥️

Andrea, Graham and family

So many lovely memories so hard to choose - the lads were saying the other day that it didn't matter what was spilt Val had the answer on how to remove the stain (without the use of google) We hope she left one of you her recipe for gravy and stuffing because let's face it, they were legendary- sleep tight Val, such a gentle caring lady - we feel very honoured to have known you xxx

Sharron O’Grady

Dear 'AuntieVal‘ thank you for being my godmother and being a forever friend to my mum ‘Barbara' friendship like that is rare and reminds us all of the value of what a true friend should be. Xx

Jane Brown

I remember Mrs Ellis from my first day at Wyke nursery when I was 3 (51 years ago), and when I went to your house for tea Steph. She was beautiful, kind and caring. My time at nursery was very happy partly because of her. Early influences in life are so important, so I'd like to thank Mrs Ellis for the equal and wonderful care she gave to all of us x

Jodie Claire Tyas

I'm deeply sorry for your loss. I'm heartbroken

Pam Barker

Awww Steph Satrazanidis such sad news I am truly sorry for your loss I will always have fond memories of your lovely Mum. Take care much love XXX

Lynn Henderson

Oh Steph, I'm so sorry to hear this. I never knew your Mum, but she looked like a wonderful lady and always seemed to have such a beautiful smile. My heart goes out to you and all your family. Sending you lots of love X

Julie Lynch

So sorry to read this, your mum was a lovely lady... who will never be forgotten xx Sending my condolences to you all

Lisa Adams

Ah Steph, I'm so sorry for your loss

Claire McDermott

Oh bless she was my teaching assistant in reception with Mrs Spivey. She was such a lovely woman. So sorry for your loss.

Lucy O’Farrell

I am really sad to hear about Val and send my lo e and best wishes. I met Val a few times at Sedbergh and thought she was a wonderful lady, I just wish I had been able to know her for longer. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Stacey McCann

A lovely lady and when I was giving your mum personal care she would say you know what you are doing and say your an angel. When she was moved from the willows I missed her. RIP Val. Hope you're ok Steph and I send my love to you all x x x

Rachel Hamilton

I have many fond memories of how she used to act when you gave her a pack of skips or how much love she showed Madison. Our trips out and the lovely smiles she used to give me but the most memorable was when I'd arranged to meet Steph at the home after I had left to surprise Val and as soon as she saw me she started to cry saying how much she had missed me we all ended up with tears in our eyes. It was a pleasure to know Val and help make her days enjoyable. She will always have a place in my heart xxx

Suzane Rushton

I remember our day out in blackpool or all our trips Val loved to be out xx

Alison Minett

Val was a lovely lady Always had a smile on her face for everyone I will miss her very much and her lovely family xxx

Steph Satrazanidis

Well Mum it's been three weeks since you passed away and I still can't believe that you've gone. I can't count now how many times I've thought 'I'll tell Mum this' or 'I'll call and see Mum'. I'm so grateful that we were able to share some quality time over the last year especially on our trips to Bridlington, Blackpool and the Safari Park. They were happy memories and special times that we shared. Looking back over our times growing up you were always there for us. There was always a freshly cooked meal on the table every night despite the fact that you worked full time. All of them delicious too. We had lots of family times spent with neighbours on the street, or bowling with our family to the precious times we had at home at Christmas. You put in so much effort to make them special times for us all. Holiday times were special on our annual trip to Skegness each year with our friends Brenda and Dennis. You brought us up with amazing values and taught us right from wrong. You was firm but fair. You were so loving especially when your grandchildren came. They completed your world. The only thing missing at that time was Dad. I remember you telling me that you got goosebumps every time Dad walked through the door I thought that was so sweet. He really was the love of your life. I loved the time we spent when we went on holidays abroad together. We would people watch all day and belly laugh. I treasure the things you made us like the pump bags when we went to nursery and the cross stitch anniversary cards out made each year. I loved working with you at Wyke Nursery when I wasn't at school, you absolutely loved your job and it showed. We had some great times with our friends and neighbours in the school holidays when we went to Low Moor Club to see the turns. Mum you had a wicked sense of humour which you maintained even when the dementia and Alzheimer's set in. I will miss that. It's for all these reasons and more that I'll miss you every day. I'm just so glad you're finally at peace and can once agin be with your soul mate. I will always love you and I'm so thankful that you was my Mum. Love you oodles Steph xxx

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