Our Funeral Services

There is a funeral option to suit everyone, from traditional funerals with a religious service to a minimalist eco-friendly funeral to humanist or civil celebrant ceremonies.

Unattended Cremation

An unattended cremation is an option which means all disbursements and essential services are covered, but there is no ceremony. This option is becoming increasingly popular as it allows family and friends more flexibility in planning a memorial service and reduces costs.

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Traditional Funerals

A traditional ceremony often takes place in a church or at our chapel, and follows a structure many of us will be familiar with in the UK. This may include the reading of religious texts, hymns and will be led by a member of the clergy.

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Environmentally-Friendly Funerals

Green or eco-friendly funerals have become immensely popular over the past few decades, with more people wanting to lessen their impact on the world through choosing less harmful options.

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Civil Funerals

Civil funerals are planned around the specific values, beliefs and wishes of the person who has died. This can feature readings, music, poetry and speeches from family and friends to represent the person who has passed.

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Humanist Funerals

Humanist funerals are carried out for those that do not have any religious principles, and will be centred around that families specific wants and needs for the ceremony.

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Cultural Funerals

A cultural funeral entails the practises of a specific culture, from anywhere around the world. This will focus on the varied traditions, beliefs and values upheld within that culture and aims to bring the elements into one service to celebrate the person who has passed, in a way which honours their heritage and culture.

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Our pricing

We provide both at need and prepaid funerals, with our pricing available via the links below. All of our prepaid funerals are guaranteed through Open Prepaid Funeral Plans and for more information on our plans, click here.

Headstones and Grave Tending

Memorials should be personal and unique, to reflect the special life of your loved. This lasting reminder to someone who has passed is a way to commemorate their life and act as a place of remembrance.

We are here to support this important decision through listening, supporting and advising you regarding all aspects of the memorial, including style, colour and size, alongside any restrictions set by the cemetery. Working alongside our NAMM registered monumental masons, we are able to provide an extensive range of new memorials, along with additional inscriptions, and repair work.

Our vehicle fleet

Our fleet of premium vehicles includes a range of hearses, limousines and unique vehicles. With our extensive selection of both traditional and unusual funeral vehicles, we are able to cater every service to truly reflect an individual personality.

Prepaid Funeral Plans

Working with Open Prepaid Funeral Plans, we provide FCA approved plans to meet every budget and requirement. Open offers a simple and comforting method to funeral planning and by taking out a funeral plan you can secure the funeral directors costs at today’s prices.