Direct Cremation

In recent years, direct cremations have become increasingly popular. This stand alone event entrusts the funeral director to carry out all of the requirements of the funeral, including documentation, care until the funeral and transportation to the crematorium.

How much does a direct cremation cost?

Our direct cremation package costs £999 if purchased at the time of need. Our prepaid plan for direct cremation, guaranteed through Open Prepaid Funeral Plans, costs £1,350.

Both packages include all of the necessary paperwork and disbursements. Our prepaid plan considers the annual rise in costs for council fees for cremation and doctors fees.

You can choose to pay for a prepaid plan in full, up front or pay by 12 monthly instalments, interest free. You can pay over a longer period of time, however, this will incur interest.

What is included and what happens in a direct cremation?

A direct cremation includes collection when required, all of the necessary paperwork required, provision of a casket, care and attention from our team, transport to the crematorium and a dignified cremation.

Loved ones are accompanied by our funeral services operatives at every step, from the care they receive during their time at our funeral home, to the arrival at the crematorium.

The urn then is returned to the family, who might choose to inter the ashes, scatter them in a place of remembrance or keep them. Not everyone wants to have their ashes returned to the family, and in this case, we offer the option to have them scattered in the garden of remembrance at the crematorium.

A memorial service might be held later, and can be a simple and cost effective approach for the funeral. It’s important to remember that you do not need to spend a lot of money, especially if you cannot afford a lavish funeral. A direct cremation is a respectable funeral and those who choose it will receive the same level of care and attention, as anyone else in our care.

Celebration of Life and Scattering Ceremonies

Many who choose a direct cremation, hold their own remembrance service called a celebration of life. This offers more flexibility and planning time and sometimes will take the place of a funeral service, although others choose to hold this days, weeks or months after the funeral has taken place.

This can be an opportunity to bring together the people who loved and cared for the person who has passed away, to talk about their life and experiences and share memories. Celebrations of life can feel a little more joyful than a funeral, which depending on the location and religion of the family, the event might include dancing, storytelling, singing, and of course, food and drink.

There may be a less strict dress code for a celebration of life, including more vibrant clothing for guests, this will usually be echoed in uplifting music, fireworks, performances and a party atmosphere.

A scattering ceremony can be held, whether this is to inter the ashes at a cemetery or scatter them in a location that is meaningful, this offers another opportunity for remembrance.

There are lots of options for ashes scattering, however, if you’re unsure if you are able to scatter the ashes in a specific place, check with local councils just in case. This is the opportune moment to read a poem, play a song, say scripture or any special words that you feel are appropriate.

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