The Gateway Funeral Services Fleet

The Gateways Funeral Services fleet is garaged at the Birkenshaw base and comprises two hearses and four limousines, each seating up to six passengers.

For something a little more eye-catching, there is the option of a white Cardinal hearse and limousine, while for a real statement a horse-drawn or motorcycle hearse can be provided.

Elegance and style characterise a horse-drawn hearse, available in black, white or silver and pulled by a team of two or four black or white horses.  The custom-built motorcycle hearse can be hitched to a classic or café racer-styled Triumph, a Suzuki Hayabusa or a Harley Davidson, and for something truly unique, a 1950 Leyland Beaver flatbed lorry can also be made available.

We also have a wheelchair adapted vehicle, which allows those who are unable to use our standard limousines be part of the funeral cortege along with 3 other passengers, this adapted vehicle sits nicely within our fleet and is fully fitted with entrance ramp and winch, further enhancing the level of service provided to our families

Motorcycle Hearse

We can provide authentic motorcycle hearse manufactured by Motorcycle Funeral Limited. They are the first UK Company to supply professional specification hearses that perform dignified Motorcycle Funerals in all weather conditions. A very unique, and alternative funeral is available with either a Classic styled Triumph, Cafe Racer Triumph, Suzuki Hayabusa or Harley Davidson. These are authentic purpose built sidecar hearses and a family member can often act as pillion (subject to size).

White Funeral Hearse

Our modern Cardinal hearse in brilliant white with a glitter fleck you can see when the sun shines on it. It is a superb modern alternative to the traditional black funeral hearse.

Vintage Lorry Hearse

We can provide a 1950 Leyland Beaver lorry for the final journey. We are able to use the 21 foot deck of the lorry to create an eye-catching multi-level display with Floral Tributes around the coffin. Whether you have 3 or 23 Tributes we can build a display which can depict the occupation or interests of the person who has died, all of which will be unique to you and your family

Horse Drawn Carriage Hearse

For a traditional feel, choose as horse drawn carriage, with either black or white horse and a matching carriage. Plumes and drapes in a variety of colours are available, to make the horse drawn carriage more personalised for that special send off.

A selection of vehicles from our extensive fleet


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