Independent Funeral Directors

Following a bereavement, many families can get great comfort from creating an “On-line” memorial for their loved one.

Gateway Funeral Services, in partnership with the Muchloved charity are able to offer you the facility to create your own memorial website, where you can express feelings about your loved one in words, pictures and music.

Your website can be used to enable family and friends to send their thoughts and memories, and you can invite them to contribute as well.

Your website can be kept totally private for just you and your close family and friends, or you may choose to allow public access. The privacy of your site is completely handed over to you.

The website can be used to pass on information regarding the funeral arrangements, anniversaries or other important dates.

You can collect and display donations to your chosen charity in memory of your loved one.

You can develop and keep a beautiful website which can be kept online indefinitely for family and future generations to see.

To begin to create your Memorial website please click on the MuchLoved logo below.