Dymphna Jane Reilly (Dee)

Dymphna Jane Reilly (Dee)

On 27th July 2014 suddenly following a short illness, Dee aged 47 years of Heckmondwike. Special mum of Becky and Molli, very dear partner of Darren, beloved daughter of Lesley and much loved by Chloe and Jake. Sleep In Peace.

25 memories for Dymphna Jane Reilly (Dee)

darren walkden

missing you so much, missing your love for the children,missing your perfume you wore,missing your opinions,you were always right, going to miss you not been there, i love you so much but wish i showed it more xxxx

Abi Jessop

So blessed to have known you, and had the privilege to work with you at Royd court! I still look for you or think is dee in today!! I miss you making sure I was ok, sometimes I knew you wasn't too well but you just got on with things and looked after everyone else, you have been such a caring supportive friend to me these last few months and I'm eternally grateful!! Much love xxx

Chris Walkden

Dear Dee, The first time I met you was when I was at Darren's old house in Huddersfield when you came over for 10 minutes on Christmas day to say Happy Christmas to him and the kids. I don't think we even spoke that first time and I remember thinking that you was a very shy and quiet, how wrong I was. I soon found out you was very non shy or quiet, memories of you shouting GET OUT to Fizz the neighbours cat is imprinted on my brain. I only really got to know you when you and Darren moved in together and that was the start of a great friendship I will hold dear to my heart for a lifetime. I will miss sitting in the kitchen or out in garden with you because as we all know you would never sit in the room watching a movie with us all, I think we got you in the room once in all the years, I know because the film we watched was called the last house on the left, I also remember because we talked about what we would like to do the people in that film, great minds think alike don they Dee lol. You was one of the few people I know who like myself has an opinion of pretty much anything and everything and who loves to voice that opinion.. we could go from flapping our gums about serious world events like Eastenders plot lines to debating the current middle east situation, or simply on about someone who XXXXXX us off recently. I knew a few different Dee's all mixed into one, but that is one of the many things I love and will miss about you most, how you was a kind friendly always looking out for your family, friends and even strangers interests, yet let anyone wrong you and let them see your wrath come down on their heads. Just the type of person I am glad to call a great friend and a sister in law, be it on paper or not. Anyway Dee I had better stop talking now or I will go on and on writing an essay. Just know I will always hold the time we knew each other with much love and affection and that you will never be forgotten. Ps, Don't worry about Molli, Becky your mum, Darren Chloe or Jake, they will all hold each other together through the coming ups and downs and I will always be there for them if they ever need anything. Catch you later Dee xxxx Pps, what's for tea, oh and do we have cake, some spare Yorkshire puddings will do if you got any spare.

andrea & brian

r.i.p Dee

Vicki Miller

Dee you were such a vital part of the whole team at Royd Court. Such a caring nature and kind heart. We will all miss you but are better for knowing you. God Bless xxx

Wendy Chambers

Oh Dee, we were never properly introduced in the beginning. You were the lady with the cap and you referred to Mike as Bill, being as he had Bill PLANT all over his instructor car in those days! When you first moved in, our paths never really crossed until Bonfire Night when Rachel and I accidentally gatecrashed your Bonfire party back in 2008.We were actually going looking for a local bonfire, maybe at a pub, but we never got passed your gate, because that's how welcoming you and Darren were, so it didn't't feel wrong not to stay! After that we grew to know you as the kind, thoughtful neighbour and friend that you were! You will be missed by all of us! Rest in peace! xxxxx

Abi Lloyd

I still can't believe your gone. I haven't been round in a while and now when I eventually do you won't be there in the kitchen to greet me with a friendly face. I remember whenever I'd arrive or leave the house you'd stop your cooking to have a chat and a hug. You were a wonderful person and I'd always look forward to seeing you and taste the latest food you'd made! I remember that one time where me and Chloe came down and helped in the egg box and it was such a laugh yet still valuable experience. You've definitely made more of an impact on me then perhaps I or you ever realised and I know you'll always be in my heart and prayers. Hope you're at peace. Love Ab xxx

Simone Wilson

Well you know Dee there are people you meet through someone else, in our case it was Rachel, and you would say "she's Rachel's friend", well that's how it was in the beginning but not I'm the end. Dee Reilly was my friend too. Lots of ace nights out. Standing on the long saddle in the Shepherd's Boy dining "day dream believer" all arm in arm and more recently at Rachel and Carl's wedding with Molli by your side sat at our table. Bless you Dee you was one of a kind x x

Lesley, Dee's mum

Some of the lovely comments taken from sympathy cards that Dee's two daughters will cherish: "Your mum was a really special person. She was so proud of you and loved you so much" "Your mum was amazing, one of the best" "To Dee, I will miss you and hope you have a happy time in heavan. Thank you for all the baking you did with me and I will look after Molli" (from one of Molli's 9 yr old school friends.) "Dearly loved and sadly missed" "Our dear niece Dee, taken from us so early in life. Your Nanna and Granddad will watch over you now. We love you, miss you and you will always be in our hearts" "To my special friend Dee. So glad you were part of my life, I will miss you so much." "Dee, a kind, caring and thoughtful laldy. You will be missed! May you rest in peace, all our love" "Dee, my friend. Though time was on our side. Good night and God bless." "A beautiful person who will be sadly missed" "Dee was my lovely, caring, loyal friend and I will always treasure memories and times we shared".

Lesley (Dee's mum)

Another lovely comment: "Devastated to hear the sad news. Cannot believe Dee is no longer with us and we have no more time. Thinking about you now and always. Dee was a very special person who will live on in memories and hearts. Sarah."


We thought of you with love today, But that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday. And days before that too. We think of you in silence. We often speak your name. Now all we have is memories. And your picture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake. With which we'll never part. Nan has you in her keeping. We have you in our heart. With love from Mum

Yvonne Senior

I will always remember you as a kind, generous person, always the first to offer help and support to others. You were a wonderful mum and so proud of your children. I will never forget you and your kindness to me on occasions, it is so sad that you had to leave us so soon. Rest in peace.

Judith Ibbetson (Hardcastle)

I came today to pay my respects and to say goodbye, the service was lovely and the beautiful memories that were shared left me and everyone there very emotional. I would like to share some of my memories I had with you Dymph (Dee) we worked together for years, you painstakingly learnt me to knit, although I could never cast on, you would do it for me every time without moaning, your biggest achievement was that you taught me to "cable" happy days ;-)) We had our own private jokes the one about the "onion" never failed to get you laughing, the time we went out of work at break time to buy a new outfit for a night out and your car broke down going round the roundabout and we had our whites on and we had to push the car round the roundabout, needless to say the dinner trolleys were late that day!! Then onto our Thursday nights out there was never a dull moment starting at the Greyhound and working our way round Birstall, playing "Charlie's Angels". I have lots of lovely memories of you that I will cherish always, it seems so long ago but today they all came flooding back and made me realise what a special friend I had. Xxxxxx

Liz Laughlin

Very happy memories of summer days in the garden when the children were little, listening to Meatloaf through the walls on a Saturday morning, having a fag and a cuppa and checking that me and Fraser hadn't killed each other after an argument! Fabulous sense of humour, selfless, kind and generous. Becky and Mollie you had the best mum and she cherished every bit of you both and every moment she had with you. Lesley you should be very proud of yourself as your lovely girl was a pleasure and delight to have as a friend. And yes Darren she was always right! Sleep tight Dee xxxx

Lesley Reilly

My Dear Dee, Where do I start? How do I begin a farewell when I still can't believe you're gone? How do I say goodbye to a part of my soul? How do you lose a child and go on? For Molli and Becky, I will. They are the beautiful gift you gave me and I will cherish them and protect them, helping Darren care for and love Molli. The day you were born I felt this indescribable love. One I had never known before. From the beginning of your life I never knew I could have a love that was so strong. At times you may have felt overwhelmed by my love but it was immeasurable and always will be. To Molli and Becky, I know you know your mum cared for you and loved you so much. To Darren, I know you did all you could To my family, thank you so much for your support. To Dee, You will always be in my heart and be with me wherever I go. Night night, love you, sleep tight, with All my Love Mum

Wendy Duns

You were lost too soon but I will remember the good times. Nan & Grandad will look after you, will see you later. All my love.

Janine Swales

Hi Dimph, not sure where to start but remembering is good. I remember when me and Julie used to meet you on a Friday night in the greyhound before Becki and lorna were born when I had to point out who was coming in as you couldn't make out there faces. I remember been pregnant at the same time and Becki been early and so tiny that she slept in a draw sometimes and when the girls were growing up we would go to the park and have play dates. Then you went back to work and you would drop Becki at our house for all those years they would play together like sisters. Well life is far too short and cruel but You have done an excellent job raising Becki and making her the lovely person she is and I'm sure she will be there for molli and your mum who I also remember fondly when I used to come to your house she would often call in. Sleep tight x love Janine and family x

Chloe Walkden

I've had so many great memories with you, from baking till 11pm, to helping you out in the Egg Box during the holidays. Every time I think of you all of the memories come rushing back and even though it saddens me, I remember that in all of those memories you were happy! I already miss coming in after my driving lessons excited to tell you everything new that I've done, and then you giving me advice. I also miss you shouting 'night Clo' when I was up in my bedroom, when you were going to bed. l miss you lots and lots and I will look after Molli and protect and care for her, love you lots, from Chloe xoxoxoxoxox

Julie Woodyer

To my dearest friend Dymph. I hope you know how much I love you and cherish our friendship. Please believe me when I tell you how beautiful, special, thoughtful, caring and generous you are. We have some great, happy memories of times we've spent together. Things will never be the same but I do know I'm a much richer person for having had you in my life. I want you to know that I will be part of Becky's and Molli's future for as long as they want me there. They are both a real credit to you and I know how proud of them you are. You will always be in my heart Dymph. Love you. Forever Friends. Julie xxx

Becky Sill

Mum I don't know where to start with this message other than the fact I am writing this the night before your funeral, which is such a strange thought. It still does not feel real to me that I will never see you again, never hug you again, never be able to come to you whenever I need you or never be able to go to Frankie and Benny's with you again! I can't describe in words how much I am going to miss you, your support, your love and even your stubbornness! You were such a lovely mum to me and Molli and I promise to take care of her. Such a caring daughter to Nan and I promise to look after her. I also promise to make sure Darren looks after the cats! And himself! What am I going to do now you're gone? (that just made the song Now You're Gone by Basshunter pop into my head because you used to play it over and over, you loved it so much you bought their CD!) Whose going to make me listen to rubbish music now?! I could go on writing on here forever but there are too many memories to pick even just one to mention, but those are my memories and I will hold them with me forever, never forgetting everything you have done for me. I still cant believe that your not here and I can't squeeze you and say this to your face but night night mum love you so much, love your Beck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel Wolfenden

Dee,same as everyone else,i cant believe that you are gone i can remember when we first spoke in the college library and that's where the memories started,we have shared so many special times. You were such a talented person,i have the photos of the cakes you made for my engagement and Esthers baptism and i still have the beautiful cardy you knitted here ( i will keep that always ). You were my lovely caring loyal friend and i will never forget you. Lots of love Rachel xxx

Belinda Rickerby (Crabtree)

Dymph My mind is flooded with memories of you... How you used to make mine and Corrina's day by brining the horse down for us to see... Remember when you took me horse riding!!!!! God I was so scared, I was the elder one and you had so much more confidence than me on that horse... I remember your grandad making his boats in the shed at the bottom of the garden, then he would take us to the park to see them on the water.... I still think of you and grandad every time I go to batley park.. It's one of my fondest childhood memories... Say hi to grandad for me and save a boat for when I get there :) xXx

vel bentley(school mum)

dee I only knew you as a school mum friend but I will miss your straight talking at the school gate what a beautiful person and mum you were.your family did you proud with your funeral service the memories they shared were so touching.i feel truly blessesd to have known you.

Rosie Laughlin

Dee, you were like a second mum to me and Bella growing up. So many happy memories spent round at your house with Becky and co. I'll never forget Saturday night movie nights or makeover nights, or us getting up to some random antics and you coming to see "what the hell are you doing?". Whenever we needed you, you were there. Rest in peace sweet lady. Night and God bless xxx


We think of you every Christmas and every 11th of February, every morning, every evening. We talk about you when things happen that remind us of you. You arein our hearts forever. Love Mum and your loving family

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