Jean Black

Jean Black

On 21st July 2013 at Bradford Royal Infirmary Jean aged 80 years. Beloved wife of the late John, much loved mum of Shelley, Sharon and the late Johnny, a devoted grandma and a very dear sister.

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Sarah Turner

Jean was a remarkable lady; proud, intelligent, funny , with a wicked, and at times, brutal sense of humour. Her love of books and the written word was evident in the way she spoke - always considered, always eloquent. She had a thirst for knowledge that was inspiring. I will always remember with great fondness the times I took Jean to do her weekly supermarket shop, and later, when she was not able to come long, I would collect her list and do the shop for her. Those time provided for some amazing conversations. We'd laugh about her love affair with cheese, but I'd always promise not to tell on her. Although we will all miss Jean, she will not be forgotten by those who knew her. We can take comfort in the knowledge that she is now with loved ones on the other side of the veil.

Caroline Wilson

My sincere condolences to Jean's family. I have many memories of spending time with Jean, sadly most of them were when she wasn't well. However it never stopped her from putting the world in its place and bamboozeling me with her fantastic range of knowledge and vocabulary. Can't say I always understood what she'd tried to enlighten me with but she seemed to enjoy sharing it with me. I'm sorry she had to suffer so much but I know she won't be suffering any more.

Paul Freeke

I taught Jean the discussions with Elder Elmer. Her desire and excitement of learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ was exciting to see. Her love of the gospel never diminished as her health unfortunately did. Jean was a real gem, who I will always love and remember with great fondness. Physically your work in this mortal realm is done, but you are just beginning the next stage,and this time reunited with your beloved John.

Ryan Elmer

Jean was a memorable meld of humor and wit. There are still times I make a joke (that I think is clever) and think "Jean would have caught that". She was an important part of my experience in the UK and taught me what it really means to show faith. My thoughts are with her family and grandchildren. I'm better for learning from you, Jean. Thanks for everything.

Dorothy Lee

Jean (my lovely sister) ,what can I say. Words will never be enough to let you know how I feel. When I was very young you were like a second Mum to me. You took me to the park in the pram & called me your naughty little sister. This was said with love & affection. As I grew older you were the big sister I turned to for advice & together we shared our hopes & fears for the future. You taught me to love books as you did. You always has a great thirst for knowledge. We laughed together & cried together. We had a very special relationship.In later years we shared our sorrows & we were always there for each other.It didn't matter what time of day or night it was we always had time for each other. We would talk about our time as children & share our memories. We would laugh at the same things. We always sang "I wish I was an apple on a tree" every time we were together. Nobody else seemed to know this song. You had a great sense of humour which you never lost .You were an extremely string person & overcame many health problems. During the last 10 years these got worse. When you went into hospital the last time we knew it was different & you were nearing the end. It broke my heart to loose you,but I knew it was time for you to go. I will never stop loving you. I believe you are now with John & Johnny. I hope we will meet again some day. God love you & keep you close to him . Love you xxxx

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